Trip Alert #5: 4324.5

4324.5 miles later and... we are home at last! It was our best adventure since visiting Tanzania in 2008. We set off, due north, for the Canadian Rockies on June 20th and returned home in a sweaty filth on July 8th. We left the US for the Trans-Canada Hwy-1 and pointed the Jeep to the west. Sixteen nights in a pop-up with the dog, this was a safari to remember. Saskatchewan - Alberta - British Columbia... Canada has lots of beauty. With 12 full days in the Canadian Rockies, we saw more bears than I can recall and were surprised by the appearance of an aging timber wolf looking for a meal. 
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As should be expected with adventure travel, this trip was not without its dramas. A blow-out after crossing back to the US from B.C., left us a bit deflated (ok - this pun was intended). The minor explosion destroyed our fender and resulted in non-trivial electrical issues. With no cell coverage we would have been S.O.L. if it weren't for some very kind people. A retired mechanic, weathered from years of Montana winters, changed our tire and Steve the "Repair Guy," found a campsite and arranged for his buddy Vern "the mobile, mobile-repair-man," to patch the rig for the ride home.
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With two grueling days of travel from B.C. to MN, we're home and I'm excited to review the nearly 60GB of images we made. Until I do some edits and get some rest, attached is an iPhone "trip-tic" for Road Trip 2012.
Hope you get to hit the road and do some photography too!
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