Tip #3: Out of Focus

Summer Flowers - Yellowstone National Park
Canon 5D Mark II + 300 f2.8 @ f2.8

Tip #3: Purposefully defocus your image and shoot at your widest aperture. In doing so, color, tone, and form become your subject.
Lilly Pads - William Obrien State Park, MN
Canon 7D + 300 f2.8 @ f2.8
While I am fairly certain that this will not be my most popular photo tip, I am compelled to toss it out and see if it sticks. In a world of DSLRs where high resolution and "micro-contrast" are king, we suffer a vision deficit. The never-ending search for the sharpest lens and most pixels now lead us astray. Take a break from the perfection compulsion. Search for the good light, rich tones, and pattern... translate these things into your personal vision.
Snow Storm - Tamarack Nature Center, MN
Canon 20D + 400 f5.6 @ f5.6

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