Tip #92: Balance

The River - Stillwater, MN
Canon 7D + Canon 300mm f2.8L IS
Simpler to say than articulate the way,... strive to produce a balanced image. One individual’s interpretation of balance will likely differ from another and this difference often defines a style. When given the opportunity, I visit the same place many times throughout a year. I try to view it from above and squat to get low. I look at light and shadow and study the way these change throughout the day. This is how I begin to define balance in my images. Maturity follows experience, and balance is a characteristic of the mature. 
Rock -kcoR
Canon 7D + Canon 300mm f2.8L IS
When seeking balance, consider the compositional elements in the frame and use these assets to lead your viewer into the picture. Tonal gradations, abrupt shifts in contrast and motion will also define your subject and convey a sense of balance. Balanced images suggest balance in nature and, to the optimist, balance in life.

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