Trip Alert... update #2

Lake Louise Before the Sun Goes Down
Banff NP - Canada
Canon 5D mark II + 24mm f3.5L TSE

WiFi has been both expensive and hard to come by, so my posts are likely to be few and far between.
It’s day number six and we have been living the schizophrenic weather of June in the Canadian Rockies. We’re currently at the Lake Louise Campground, and I do not have words or pictures that could possibly convey the beauty of this place. Yesterday we were up by 4:00 a.m. to catch a sunrise on Lake Louise and begin a killer hike to an alpine tea lodge. After hiking to the point of blisters and muscle aches, we decided to spend today searching for wildlife. The pre-dawn drive produced our first Grizzly photo op as well as some amazing landscapes. With no time to post-process work from the road, today’s post from the lake will have to do.
More for the Rockies when time permits...
Cheers, eh?
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