Tip #80: In Search of Simplicity

Widow Dragonfly (Libellula luctuosa) - Pine Point, MN
Canon 5D MarkII + Canon 100mm f2.8L Macro IS
As my worlds begin to collide, I now search for solitude and space. The split-personality that begins every September will soon merge into the “Me” I want to be. The bruce who was, is lost in the shuffle of expectation, obligation and responsibility. Students, polite with the newness and fear of their future, were respectful and dutiful. Nine months later, my act has grown tiresome and I am the used car man selling the unwanted wreck in a corner lot. A week stands between me and "Mr. L," it is a challenging time but I can see some light in a window at a distance.

Teak Shadow Dragonfly - Hacienda Baru, Costa Rica
Canon 5D MarkII + Canon 180mm f3.5L Macro 

On October 19, 2011 I embarked on what I call “Project 101.” This is my exercise, a personal journey to reflect on my own photographic process by offering a few ideas to stimulate yours. So as I struggle to grade a mountain of papers and motivate the unmotivated, I suggest that you search for some simplicity in your life. Take a walk with a camera in a quiet place, find a pattern that strikes a chord and contemplate the elegance in nature. 
I took a break from my mountain, I took a hike in the woods and I found the time to author this blog. Get out there and make some time to find yourself.
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