Tip #62: Find a Friend

Morning on Baru Beach - Dominical, Costa Rica
Image by T. Leventhal - Canon 40D + 17-40L @ 17mm & f16

While I consider myself to be the solitary type, preferring the company of a rock to a conversational companion (see prior INTP post), I do relish the photo-adventures I take with my wife and partner. Although she is not the techno-geek that I profess to be, Tamy is the “Grape-nut girl” that works well with this “Grape-nut guy.” Often the first to suggest a new location or plan a road trip, she enjoys the field, working a new species or shooting an exciting landscape. There are days when we work side-by-side and others where there may be hours between conversations. Whatever the pattern, I find these experiences to be among the most fulfilling when traveling abroad.
Oophaga pumilio "Blue-jeans" Poison Dart - Selva Verde, Costa Rica
Image by T. Leventhal - Canon 40D + 100mm f2.8 Macro USM
A partner adds so much value to the shooting experience. They offer...
  • a different perspective in a common location.
  • the opportunity to have eyes in the back of your head.
  • the chance to get the ONE shot you missed.
  • an opportunity to download, review and discuss what comes next.
  • a chance learn something new or see differently. 
Velvet Elk (Cervus canadensis) - Yellowstone National Park, MO
Image by T. Leventhal - Canon 40D + 100-400L f4.5 IS @ 360mm
Bottom line, find a compatible shooting partner, hit the road and expand your vision.
Spring Falls in HDR - Osceola, WI
Image by B. Leventhal - Canon 5D markII + 17-40L @ 17mm & f16
My Friend Watched the Gear Bag as I wandered off to take this shot... always good to shoot with a friend!

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