Tip #39: Macro in 3D

Lupine Bloom - Tamarack Nature Center, MN
Nikon D2h + Tamron 180 f3.5 Macro @ f4
I have a love/hate relationship with macro photography. I loathe the patience required of the photographer. It is the infinite wait between breezes, ephemeral light, and shallow focus that inspires a short-lived rage. However, I love the details that can be extracted from the near microscopic, obscure, and cryptic. The delicate trichomes (tiny hairs) on the surface of leaves and poisonous spines that envelop larvae captivate my imagination. Razor sharp edges in the foreground contrast with blurred details in the background as leaves or bodies fall out of focus. Layers form when telephoto lenses are combined with large apertures and short focal distances. The soft bokeh at full aperture (out of focus regions) enhances the point of focus and makes an image "pop." 
Tip #39
Make it 3D - Use Your Macro or Telephoto at Maximum Aperture and Minimum Focus 

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