Tip #28: Gear is Good Travel is Better

The Herd - Lake Lake Manyara, Tanzania
Canon 1D MarkII + 300mm f2.8L IS @ f4.0
What value is a bag full of gear when it has no place to go? Rather than sink more of your hard earned cash into a shiny new bauble that is obsolete the moment you buy it, look towards the future. Fight back the “gotta-have-it” impulse, and plan your next photo adventure. Sure cameras and lenses are treasured tools that facilitate our art, but travel feeds the vision, stimulates creativity and inspires the mind. Vision monger, travel and humanitarian photographer, David duChemin, has made a living by claiming that “Gear is Good, Vision in Better.”
Tip #28 builds on the framework that duChemin has constructed... Use the gear you have, spin the globe and be there with your camera.
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