Tip #18: Take the Camera

Looking for Nature - Pasadena, CA
Canon 5D markII + Zeiss ZE 35mm f2.0 @ f2.2

Tip #18: On Business or Visiting Family - Take the Camera

Travel with a camera even if you’re not on assignment or taking a photo-vacation. Pack light by selecting a few pieces of essential gear, and embrace the self-imposed constraint. Having only one lens and a body can be both limiting and liberating. Take a hike with your minimalist kit or shoot from the street. Study the way small changes in camera position, aperture and shutter speed can influence your final composition.

The posted photo was taken along a walking trail that parallels one of California’s cement rivers. Known as the Arroyo, these sterile aqueducts symbolize a great environmental paradox. Fully aware that we are dependent on limited resources, we modify, manipulate and engineer nature to meet our basic needs. Short-term need masks judgement and thus, long-term sustainability. An eyesore in the valley and throughout Southern California, the Arroyo is void of native vegetation and rich with exotic species. Ironically, these concrete waterways are perceived as quiet retreat for those seeking to escape the throngs of humanity. 
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