Tip #17: Don't Fear Post Processing

The Grand Canal - Venice
Canon 5D Mark I + 24-105L @ f16

Tip #17: Experiment when processing your images
Redwood Trail - Redwood NP, CA
Canon 1Ds + 15mm Fisheye
Don't just take pictures... make pictures. The final image is the sum of your skill as a photographer and a processor. When sitting down to a file, stretch the image making process by pushing the contrast, desaturating the color, or over-sharpening the picture. Now, reverse it all. Study how changes in color, tone and detail influence the final picture. Experiment with plugins and presets to match your final vision.
Sneaking a Peek - Masai Mara, Kenya
Canon 40D + 100-400L IS @ f5.6
Processing: Topaz B&W Effects - Diffusion w/Color
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