Project 101: Tip #1

Acaciascape in Black and White - Tanzania, Africa
Canon 5D + 17-40L w/ polarizer

With over 140 posts and three years devoted to this blog, I’ve decided to mix things up a bit. The Way We See It has been a gallery to me and a writing exercise. It is a place where I’ve discussed our biological heritage and the importance of respecting the evolutionary history of life on Earth. This blog is my soapbox and my place to vent; it has been a cathartic experience and an abject failure. For all the things that this blog is, it has not tapped into my key skill. 
I make the abstract simple. Both a learner and an educator, my life is devoted to teaching. While biology is my subject and photography is my art, I excel in finding the easy where others see the hard. Here lies the core objective of Project 101. While I may not be the best nature photographer on the web, among my readers, or in my town, I am a store of ideas, knowledge and experience. This information, bottled-up and under pressure, is crying to released. So I’ve decided to uncork the fountain and share 101 Tips for the beginning and experienced nature photographer. My goal is to share one image and one tip every other day... 
Tip #1: 
There are no rules in photography and no one person can be the “Rules Police.” Photographic “rules” are suggestions based on compositional patterns and exposure preferences that appeal to the average viewer. Breaking these rules can transform a photograph into an artful image. 
Tip #1: Break the Rules
Looking out of the Frame - 'Ol Pejeta - Kenya
Canon 7D + 300 f2.8IS L

I have decided to begin Project 101 with “breaking the rules” because many of my tips are suggestions. If you don’t like them, don’t use them. Be the photographer you want to be, rely on your experience to define your vision. 
I’d love your feedback as this tips list progresses!
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