Poetic Reflections

One Tree Hill - Manning Trail, MN
Canon 5D mark II + Zeiss ZE 35mm f2.0 @ f16

Teacher’s Lament
Educator, biologist, artist - a distilled biography for the minimalist. 
Ego and need dictate behavior. The id, dependent on accolades, forces the artist to yield its creativity to the educator. 
Call it partition. The artist owns summer; Fall belongs to the realist - worker bee. 
It is a beautiful day in Minnesota and a free spirit walks the woods in search of discontinuities, patterns and color. At the whim of a muse, the mind wanders gazing deeply into shadows cast by the directional light of sunrise. Streaks of light strike the landscape like haphazard blotches of oil point.  North America is ablaze in Fall color.
Mired by the need to eat and stay warm, papers must be graded.  
Before the Cranes - Crex Meadows, WI
Canon 5D mark II + Zeiss ZE 35mm f2.0 @ f16
It’s Fall in Minnesota - Free Your Inner Artist
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