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With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, I lack the mental energy and time to finish any abstract or concrete thought that relates to photography, vision, evolution, ecology, travel, or environmentalism. I crave an adventure, but I am mired in piles of grading. While I'd love to ponder my summer of photography, I am absorbed by the biology yet to teach. There are so many ideas, theories, and discoveries that I want to share with my students, but there is only a shred of time to teach and learn. So here I sit, committed to a blog that nobody reads, compelled to share my thoughts and vision of the world. As such, I humbly offer a few images captured during the waning hours of Memorial Weekend and hope to find new ways to inspire myself and others to pursue their dreams, love of photography, travel, and this planet.
Mirror into the Past
Canon 5D mkII + 50mm f1.4
Spring Oak in Black and White
Canon 5D mkII + 50mm f1.4
Apple Farm
5D mkII + 15mm f2.8
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