Rainforest in Black and White #2

Baru Beach, Hacienda Baru
Canon 40D + 17-40L

With our return trip to Costa Rica only 30 days into the future, I have decided to review past work and reflect on how I can make the familiar fresh. I love to shoot the rainforest, but am forever challenged by the streaky light, bright canopy, and the omnipresent shade of green. You'd think this cornucopia of biodiversity would make wildlife photography easy, but nothing could be farther from reality. The cryptic and shy creatures that inhabit a tropical jungle are invisible to those who know where to look and how to see. It is their "cloak of invisibility" that adds to the great challenge of rainforest photography.

Millipede on Heliconia Flower
Canon 40D + 100mm f2.8 Macro USM
Canon 40D + 300 f2.8IS L @ f2.8
All too often I am frustrated by the challenge, but I continue to seek it out. Am I a masochist or an addict? Regardless of the label, I am drawn the to the jungle... it is my soma... it is the small reward I give myself for surviving another Minnesota winter.
Resplendent Quetzal Silhouette
Canon 40D + 300 f2.8L + 2X Converter
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