Inspiration #7: The Finish Line

On Friday I challenged myself to make seven posts in seven days. While this might seem to be a trivial endeavor, it turned out to be more of a chore than I had anticipated. The "A-job" requires my full engagement. The preparation of lessons, development of labs, and endless piles of grading places a huge demand on my limited time at home. This out of office investment was coupled with long days of focused teaching, student interactions, and problem solving. I liken my job to a stand-up comic who performs a different act every hour and every day. No two performances can be the same, yet each must be polished as if it were rehearsed for weeks. The words fly out of my mouth as easily as I breathe, yet the effort to be fresh wears on the mind.

Nonetheless, I have managed to set aside my studies for an hour each evening to search through my files, process something old, and wax poetic about nature, winter, and photography. I have enjoyed this seven day journey, but now feel the relief that coincides with the end.
Upper Peninsula, MI. Canon 30D, Canon 15mm f2.8 @ f20
Upper Peninsula, MI. Canon 20D, Canon 70-200mm f4.0L @ 200mm & f22
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