Shooting the Blues

False spring visited Minnesota earlier this week. Forty degree highs and unseasonably warm evenings offered some needed relief from the oppression that normally grips us in February. Coupled with longer daylight hours and the increased coupling by the high schools students I teach, I almost believed that winter was over. Alas, it was all just a lie. A storm now approaches, and the weather terrorists are beginning to scare the masses into submission.

If I had any musical talent, I'd grab a guitar and belt out the blues. Sadly, I lack the skills to entertain anyone with my voice, I am all thumbs when it comes to instruments, and my absentmindedness inhibits my ability to recall lyrics. Since I can't chase the winter blues from my brain, I decided to feed the theme.  
This week's post is blue. The blue skies, water and ice were captured during the crepuscular hours. With the sun below the horizon, the twilight paints the landscape in pastel shades of pink and blue. 

Today was another ten degree morning. I rolled out of bed, grabbed the gear and headed out to my favorite tree. I wanted a specific shot, and pre-visualized it the night before. I imagined my tree... a silhouette in the moonlight. 
A herd of deer scattered as I scampered across the field. I positioned the camera to frame the moon between the tree's branches. Sunrise was slow as the moon was falling from the sky. I dug my body into the snow, stabilized the tripod. I triggered the shutter with my remote release. It's cold... my fingers are numb... I can hear Muddy Waters singing The Cold Weather Blues.
About the Images:
#1: Tree Moonset: Manning Trail, Stillwater MN. Canon 5DmkII, 50mm f1.4 @ f8
#2: Sand Island Sunset: Apostle Islands National Seashore, Lake Superior. Canon 30D, 17-85 f4.5IS @ f11
#3: Ice in Motion: St. Croix River, MN. Canon D60, Sigma 300 f2.8 HSM @ f11

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