Inspiration #4: Pushing the Limits of Color

Sandwiched between a sick wife and the pathogen-laden vectors that I teach each day, I have now fallen victim to a mid-winter virus. My heads pounds with each strike of the keys, and my eyes water as I gaze into this bright monitor. I crave the color of a summer day and have decided to push process my images to emphasize the greens that I so desperately miss.

Using Aperture 3, I carefully worked each of these raw files with the aid of a "preset" designed by Gavin Seim. One of my favorite tools is "Dynamics by Seim." This preset pushes the boundaries of my images, boosts the contrast, and accentuates the edges. The final product dispenses with reality in favor of a surreal landscape. Photography is an artistic tool for the masses. It allows each of us to unleash an inner creativity, and simplify the complex world in which we inhabit. With plugged ears and a diminished voice I have liberated myself from the reality of the moment and dared myself to recreate illusions from my past. 

Image #1: Tamy and Sequoia, Lake Superior, MI. Canon 40D, 17-85IS @ 30mm & f11
Image #2: Storm over Wisconsin, Wisconsin Highway. Canon 40D, 17-85IS @ 17mm & f9.0
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