Inspiration #2: Green Stop

Grabbed the gear this morning and searched of some fresh landscapes... was rewarded with light snow, chilling temperatures, and a bitter breeze. Fortunately, my equipment is weather sealed, so I fought back. 
As a teacher I feel obliged to grade myself... let's call it an E for effort. The final images from the morning lack a real creative expression. Like so many of my mid-winter images, they exhibit a repetition that fails to inspire. As a result, today's work will remain dead and buried until I warm up to the abstractions that I tried to produce. So instead, I offer you yet another rebellion against winter. This one was  was retrieved from the archives, and dates back to 2004. The bright greens and colored paints speak to me on an otherwise white and gray day.
Green Stop: Fridley, MN. Nikon D2H, 300mm f4 AFS @ f14
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