The Day After

On October 31, 1991 it snowed continuously for two days. Tamy and I were new residents to Minnesota... transplants from sunny Southern California. By the time it was all over, more than twenty inches of snow fell from the sky. Our Toyota pick-up truck was no match for the event, and we slid through every stop sign and traffic signal in an attempt to get to work. We were cold, miserable, and longed for the intensity of the West Coast sun. That was two decades ago, and this is today. 
History repeats... more than a platitude, it is a truth. It began to snow Friday evening and continued throughout Saturday. Armed with a Subaru Outback I navigated the blowing and drifting snow in attempt to ferry Tamy to work once again. Seventeen inches of packed snow accumulated in our driveway and now forms a mountainous pile that rivals an Everest Summit. It's cold... 5 degrees Fahrenheit... minus 20 windchill... Yes, history repeats... I now long for those warming rays of that West Coast sun.
About the Image:
This is "The Day After." Shot on Sunday at dusk, the wind was blowing from the North and I am standing in three feet of snow. The outside temperature is 5 degrees F w/ a minus 20 degree windchill. The Canon 1DsII is a remarkably resilient camera. Shot with a 50mm lens @ f11, I waited for the breeze to subside to produce a blur-free image. It was so cold that I could only managed to shoot four frames before packing up the gear and retreating to the warmth of my Subaru!
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