Confessions of an Average Bird Photographer (IV)

Dry skin, windblown hair, and unexpected flops can only signify one thing,... winter has descended upon the upper midwest. Sunday marked our first freezing rain event, and frigid now defines the daily forecast. It's November,... it's whine time. 
I detest the cold. I hate the feeling of hammered fingers, frozen toes, and the deep chill that persists for nearly five months. Dressing requires a checklist, and a walk out of doors is worse than any trip to the dentist. Each winter I challenge myself to ignore the oppressive north winds and strive to be a "real" photographer. I trudge tirelessly with my tripod in hand and pack on my back. I will not be beaten by the inclement weather, I will not be beaten...
Image #1: Great Gray Owl. Sax-Zim Bog, Minnesota
Image #2: Northern Hawk Owl. Pine Barrens, Wisconsin
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