The Last Gasp

It's October 17th and I really can't complain.
While Fall is at its infancy across most of the United States, it's coming to a close in Minnesota. Is this fair? No... but this is one inequity in which I know lacks a real solution.
I could submit a complaint, but to whom and where shall it be sent? The department of the shafted and screwed? The organization of latitudinally misplaced locations? Winter loathers anonymous?
I'm not wild about the fallen leaves, the barren branches, and the forecast of a long cold winter, but it is what it is. Fall has ended like it does every year,... prematurely. I want more. I want to smell it, see it and feel it throughout the month of November, but that is not the Minnesota way. I'll miss you Fall... 

All images are from William Obrien State Park in Central Minnesota
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