Kenya 2010: The Mara in Review (II)

Having spent six days on the Serengeti in 2008, I was quite excited about our travels to Kenya and the infamous Masai Mara National Reserve. While "The Mara" is relatively small when compared to the Serengeti, the diminutive size sports a densely packed diversity of life that is unparalleled.   
To emphasize the graphic character of the African fauna, I decided to process much of our work from the Mara in black and white. While dawn and dusk offer great opportunities to photograph wildlife in sweet warm tones, the midday is not so kind. In Africa, every minute off safari feels like a wasted opportunity. Realizing that this would probably be my last African safari for a number of years, I felt compelled to capture every moment... Although the light was often less than ideal, I knew that a strong composition and well balanced image could produce compelling photos when processed for black and white tones. In this series of pictures, my goal was to use black and white processing to emphasize the unique morphology that is so characteristic of African species.

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