Forty... that’s the number glowing on the dashboard. Something must be wrong,... it’s February, and 40 is the wrong number. I stare at the orange LED’s and read the number again, 40,... forty degrees Fahrenheit (4.4 ℃),  it’s a heat wave. 

We were driving south from a weekend up north and we could feel the sun’s rays warm our beaten down bodies. Tamy and I peeled off the down and fleece armor that protected our ghost-like skin from the elements. The gloves are off, my hat is gone, and I’m wishing I could pry the boots off my sweltering feet. We spent the weekend trekking throughout the north woods along Lake Superior, and we were prepared for some serious sub-zero weather. But here we are, marveling at blue skies, longer days, and radiant heat.  I can taste the future, and it tastes like spring!

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