Tanzania 2008: Anticipation

We're not getting any younger.

All I want to do is take pictures of something different.

Will I ever finish this damn masters degree?

You work too much... Hell, I work too much!

I think this is how it all began. Sure we've taken some great trips in the past. There was Olympic National Park in the 1960 something VW van, Kenai and Denali in Alaska, Europe, Redwood national Park and Sonoma in a 1970 something VW van (that's progress baby), and then there was Costa Rica, Costa Rica, Costa Rica, Costa Rica, Costa Rica (yeah that's right... 5 trips to CR). After all of these and other adventures throughout the US and Canada, we had never done the dream trip.

In 1987 Tamy and I met while washing plates of baked beans in a field-research station in the Mojave Desert. Soap and slimy leftovers for 23 other researchers led to conversations about nature and travel. We were young and beautiful then... now we're just beautiful. The first item on the bucket list was to go on safari in Africa.

Fast forward 18 years to 2006... we're entering our 40's and we haven't done the one thing we both really wanted to do. So, out of the blue Tamy drops the bomb, "are we ever going to go to Africa?"

Well, that's how it began. So here we sit, Minneapolis - St. Paul Airport (MSP), waiting to board a plane to Amsterdam that will take us to another plane. For us it's all about the second plane: KLM Flight Number KL571 Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro Airport, Tanzania.

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