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Prudent Advice
Ok, well this really isn't a post about our summer safari to Kenya, but it is tangentially related. Shortly after the birth of my adorably cute niece, my sister Jaime began to author some "lessons of questionable importance" that she hoped to share with her daughter. It was a frenzied creative process where she would write quips about life, living, future, family and fun. However, this is not a list of trite thoughts that we have all heard time and again. Rather, this is a collection of musings defined by honest insight, tough love, realism and, yes, dreams. This little personal project blossomed into a blog that spidered across the internet. The blog became the seed for the book, "Prudent Advice," and a DIY website for parents and kids called ""
It's really funny how one little idea intended to enrich a mother-daughter relationship blossomed into something so rich and engaging. 

So, where do Tamy and I fit into this elaborate and seemingly unrelated web about parenting? 
Knowing how concerned Tamy and I were about environmental, social and cultural issues, Jaime asked if we had any thoughts or images that we would like to share with her daughter. While I can be quite verbose, the thoughts did not flow, but the images did. We sent a few pictures from our travels, and Jaime seemed to connect with this group of Masai ladies adorned in their traditional clothes and jewelry. 

Pensive Masai Warrior
Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
Canon 1DmkII & 300mm f2.8IS
We are quite pleased with the words about travel (Advice 415) that support are image and love the way the work is displayed in the book. 

Prudent Advice is now available for pre-order on, and is the ideal gift for new mothers, baby showers, or someone looking for way to tell a daughter that she is loved. 

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