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I see my photography as being a type of vision quest. I find peace in the quiet of early mornings and use that time to make myself whole after a long work week. As a teacher, some might assume that I am an extravert who thrives on interpersonal interactions, nothing could be farther from the truth. In my head,... I am an introvert.
I live in an overstimulated world, work in a boisterous environment, and instruct within a hive of activity. This working life is a stark contrast with my id. I would rather study a rookery of arctic birds in the solitude of a hide, than be the center of attention. I walk away from crowds, seek a deep dark wood, and sooner spend a quiet night in a tent than flirt with the glitz and glam of the Vegas Strip. 

Once a week I must go on my vision quest. I’ll take a long drive to catch first light or hoist my photo-pack on my back and walk. There are many days when the camera stays put, unused and untouched, but, on occasion, I will relax. I will take a break from my work, I will leave the noise, and I will cling to a brief moment of peace.

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